Dread Tower is a repository for one-shot role playing games that can be played in a single evening. These are high-production value RPG adventures complete with a game master guide, sound effects packs and custom character sheets. All of these games are played using an exciting role playing game system that uses no dice and no numbers called Dread.

Dread makes use of The Tower – a Jenga tower. In this game player actions are taken by pulling blocks from the tower – when the tower falls that means the end for that player character. It’s a system that delivers a roller coaster of thrills and quiet moments to lull you into a false sense of security. It often results in multiple players dying in service of telling a great horror story.

The Dread system was created by The Impossible Dream.

Game scenarios on DreadTower are created by and copyright to Kyle Evans.
(We’re not associated with the creators of Dread
– we just really like the game system they’ve created.)